Thursday, August 18, 2011

DIY: Create a Chalkboard Wall Hanging from a Cutting Board

{You will need an old cutting board that is no longer usable, Chalkboard spray paint, and an outdoor spray area. Don't forget some chalk, too! I picked up this cutting board in the free box at a garage sale because it's seen better days.}
{Sand down the board as evenly as possible to remove cut marks. With smooth even coats, follow the directions on the spray paint. Allow time to dry between coats. You will need at least 3 coats of paint to get a chalkboard affect, but I used more due to the deep cuts in the board.}
{Once it is dry for at least 24 hours, test it out! If you think it works well, then you are done. If not, then spray it for desired results.}
{These boards make a great wall hanging for memos, quotes, and menus."
{Or, use it for your grocery list!}
Keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores and garage sales for wall hanging cutting boards that can be upcycled! Just remember, THIS IS NO LONGER SAFE TO USE FOR FOOD PREP. A worthless old cutting board can be freshened up to use for decorating your kitchen. Enjoy.


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